Dropbox Client Get’s a Major Update – No Action Required !


Dropbox is great, it’s fantastic in many ways. Over the last couple of years it has grown in popularity as well as in functionality. Don’t underestimate how complicated it is to keep all your files in sync across multiple devices and platforms. It’s amazing how Dropbox is able to level up their playing field, meeting the growth in core function as well as many new additional features. Today they have successfully deployed a new client side version. By now if you are a regular Dropbox user, your client software should be automatically and silently updated in the background to the new version 2.0. No action is necessarily required. You’d be surprised to find out that there is now a new user menu for Dropbox.

New Dropbox Menu

Click the Dropbox icon will bring up this new UI. It looks more modern and informative, and you can do more with it. Right from the menu, you can see a list of recently changed files, a quick share button will appear when you hover over the file or folder. You can also accept invites for shared folders right from the menu.

2013 03 12 2316 thumb - Dropbox Client Get's a Major Update - No Action Required !

If you’d like to access the previous old settings you can click the gear icon, and this will bring up all the settings that were there previously. The only thing right now doesn’t show in the main UI is the space that you have used, rather than previously one-click action to space used, now it require an additional click.

2013 03 12 2318 thumb - Dropbox Client Get's a Major Update - No Action Required !

In any event, it’s a welcome update in my opinion. If you have Mac or other mobile clients, a new update is also rolling or has rolled out. What a way to go to keep everything synced!

If you don’t have the new update, be sure go to here and download the latest client.



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