Dropbox, SkyDrive Alternative Cubby Syncs Any Folders on Your Computer to the Cloud


Cubby, a data syncing and sharing cloud service by LogMeIn, offers some quite nice and unique features that other major services don’t have. For example, you can share and sync any of the folders into Cubby without actually copying them into the main Cubby folder first. And you can do so through the Cubby Desktop Client or the folder’s right click context menu. It can be a lot more useful and convenience over the root-folder based approach like Dropbox and SkyDrive do.

Cubby Client thumb - Dropbox, SkyDrive Alternative Cubby Syncs Any Folders on Your Computer to the Cloud

Any folder synced as a Cubby can be shared with other Cubby member via email addresses or can be shared as a public link that you can turn on and off when needed. You can easily remove a folder from the Cubby without losing the data permanently on your local drive. Breaking the link between your local folder and Cubby is good enough to remove the data off the online storage from Cubby.

Cubby is an invite-based system that you can’t just go and sign up for the service. You will have to be a little patient to start with. I put my name in through their home page last Friday but only got invited today. And you will need to download either Windows or Mac desktop client to active your account. You will also need a LogMeIn account to use the service. Sounds a lot of work but it does set up quite easily and very straightforward.

It starts with FREE 5G of online storage space but you can get up to 5G more through referrals you sent through invitation. The invitation to your friends also speeds up their sign-up process. They don’t have to wait until they got invited. Same to you, I’ve got 5 invitations to spend that not only gets me up to 5G of more spaces but will also get you into the system as well. Leave the comment below if you want one to start right away.

Cubby invitation thumb - Dropbox, SkyDrive Alternative Cubby Syncs Any Folders on Your Computer to the Cloud

Dropbox and SkyDrive will still be my two main online storage application but this Cubby can be useful and handy at the same time with the ease of folder sharing method that doesn’t require a folder copy and paste. Not mention that I can get a few gig of extra free space, which is always good.


  1. Great concise article
    Looks like a very promising service! Could I perhaps get one of those invites (if you still have one) so I can test it out?

  2. Dropbox and Skydrive are the most popular cloud drive and many other third party app are available that make them more usable. But Can I sync Cubby data in mobile?


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