Dukto R6 To Transfer Files Easily Between Devices on the Same LAN


Most of the popular file sharing tools on the market are cloud based that requires an internet connection in order to deliver the files but few can do so directly through a LAN. Well, you may ask why you would need that while sharing through the cloud is already available. There are cases where you may not get access to internet at the time when you want to transfer files to someone whose devices are already connected on the same network. When things like that happen, tools like Dukto will very much be missed.

Dukto, currently released to R6, is a long time software project developed by Emanuele Colombo as an easy file transferring tool specifically designed for LAN use. You can transfer files from one device to another without worrying about users, permissions, operating systems, protocols, etc., and etc. The latest release has a modern UI interface much like one used on Windows Phone.

Dukto - buddies

Dukto is very easy to easy. Once it’s install, it’s ready to rock. It requires zero configuration  and does auto-discover to detect the devices that also run Dukto on the same line automatically. Just drag the files onto the devices icon shown in the program to start the transfer. You can send files as well as short text message.

What’s better is that Dukto supports not only Windows but Mac OS X and Linux as well. Heck, it even has an iOS version that lets me send file/messages to my office computer through a VPN connection. Pretty cool.


Dukto is also a free open source project, licensed under GPL. But if you do like the tool, please kindly considering supporting the developer by a donation through its website.

The Windows clients works on all platoforms, from XP and above. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.


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