EaseUs Todo Backup FREE 4.0 Released, Go Download or Upgrade Now


We have covered this free backup tool before and quite like it. Now the new version 4 has released, it’s time to take look and see what’s been improved.

The new look


Compare to the old version, this looks more clean. With only 3 tabs at the top (the last tab is only for upgrade), it’s fairly easy for anyone to figure out what they are and how to manage to do a backup.

The Home Tab is the main area where you perform the backup/restore job. There are 4 operations available for you to choose there, Backup, Recovery, Clone, and disk tools.

Both Management and Logs tabs are new and useful. While the Management tab is the place to manage your daily backup jobs, the Log tab is the place to record what’s been happening. With them around, the new Todo Backup becomes a better and more informative backup tools out there. And you will appreciate the information you find there.



Todo Backup offers 3 ways to back up your computer, file, disk/partition, or entire system. Both file and disk/partition backup can be scheduled to run automatically. The new version has now the ability to backup the dynamic volume or GPT disk. With the system backup which backs up the whole system, you can back up your computer along with all installed applications on the fly without interrupting the work.



Or restore. You can do file restore, disk/partition restore, and the entire system restore as well. With the new version, it’s now ok to do a recovery to a dissimilar hardware, which means that it’s easier than ever migrating the system to a new PC with different hardware configurations. It’s also easier than ever to IT pros to manage their image system because with this dissimilar hardware recovery, you can deploy the same Operating System on many computers without worrying about too much the hardware differences.


System Tools

Todo Backup provides a number of useful tools that can be quite useful, for example, wipe data can wipe your data on your disk without worrying about being discovered by other disk search tools. With the free version, you can still create WinPE bootable disk but won’t be as easy as the paid version. You will need to download Windows AIK 3.0 onto your system first.



Same as all free editions, it has the limitation comparing to the paid versions but still, the core functions are there and are working without any advanced features. It’s just that if you find this Todo Backup Free, you can check out their more advanced edition before moving away for another products. After all, Todo Backup does its job very well. From below, you can take quick glance on what’s more provided in different editions.




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