EASEUS Todo Backup Backs Up Your Whole Computer for FREE


As more and more valuable information gets stored on our computer, the last thing we don’t want to happen is losing them from a bad dead hard drive. So it’s getting more important nowadays having a good backup plan in place on your computer, especially when you have tons of good memories stored in digital format on a 2-Terabyte hard drive.

EASEUS Todo Backup is one of those great backup tools that can help you prevent such bad things from happening, for FREE, for ever. It can be used as addition to the Windows 7 built-in backup tool or be used as a complete backup solution for your computer, to fully protect your photos, documents, financial data and all applications you purchased and installed.

EASEUS Todo Backup offers 3 type of backup options, file backup which includes network shared file backup, disk and partition imaging, and disk clone, alone with an easy to use recovery console.


As all other backup software do, you can also schedule your backup to make it run automatically based on the schedule you put in. And you can make a scheduled backup on both disk/partition backup and file backup. It’s actually a standard highly recommended proper method doing a backup that works later on with the recovery procedure. So don’t just do it regularly but make the software do itself on a planned schedule basis to ensure always have a good and up-to-date backup in place.


A backup can’t be good and useful without a good reliable recovery method. EASEUS Todo Backup also has an easy to use restore console that offers 2 type of recovery method based on the methods of the backup, Disk/Partition recovery and File Recovery.


There are also 4 tools included in the software that I found would be very useful to a lot of users.

  • Check image’s integrity to make sure the image created is the good copy for recovery.
  • Bootable media builder to easily build a bootable WinPE disk on USB drives, CD or DVD, to easily fully recover a computer.
  • Disk tools to clone a disk or partition, or wipe out the whole data on the computer.
  • Mount image to explore a backup image with Windows Explorer.



Overall, EASEUS Todo Backup is a great backup tool that you can trust and rely on to keep your data safe from the bad hard drive down the road. And the best of all, the tool is completely free of charge, and according to what their rep told us, it would be FREE forever. A great thanks to them for contributing this valuable extremely useful tool to the community.




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