Easily Patch My PC with Home Updater


Keeping your system up-to-date is the key to have a secured system that you can rely on, that includes not just the operating system, but all the apps that you installed as well.

Windows Update takes care of patching up the operating system, but what about all the apps? Is there any easy way to patch them all at once?

Patch My PC Home Updater is a free portable tool that just does that kind of job for you. It keeps over 300 common 3rd-party apps up-to-date on your PC.

image 8 600x352 - Easily Patch My PC with Home Updater
Patch My PC

Anything listed in red are out-dated and need to be patched. And you can click the Perform Updates button to get all of them patched in one shot.

image 9 600x352 - Easily Patch My PC with Home Updater
Performing the update

You can also perform the uninstallation to any of the installed apps through the app as well. It goes through the native uninstaller first and if that fails, you can just use the Delete button to delete the app from the list.

Patch My PC is a portable tool that doesn’t require any installation or special DLL files to run but you can still make it run in Auto Start mode or Auto Close mode in Options.

Or, you can schedule the app to run and patch your PC during the scheduled time frame. This way, you can just set it up and forget about it with ease knowing it’s still been well taken care of.

image 10 600x352 - Easily Patch My PC with Home Updater

Overall, despite the name that sounds a bit phishy, it works extremely well. If most of your apps are among these 300 common apps included in the Patch My PC app, you will find it very useful. Not surprisingly, many IT pros out there are using the tool to make their day to day jobs a bit easier.


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