EasyBCD an Awesome Tool For Editing/Managing Your Windows Bootloader


Do you ever experience problems with Windows bootloader ? If you are a geek like us having multiple native OS installed on your machine. EasyBCD is an awesome tool to use for managing your dual/triple boot system.

The biggest problem most people having when using command line is they don’t know what to do. If you are comfortable with using command line, then it’s not a problem. If not, EasyBCD is the way to go.

Months ago I’ve written an article on how to clean out unnecessary “Earlier Version Of Windows” from the bootloader. Well, now you can do the same but much simpler.

After you download and install EasyBCD, the first time you run this program it will list out the number of boot entries you have on your system.


Use “Change Settings” you can easily manage and set your default booting option, and from there you can add/delete additional bootloader entry.



Don’t worry if you really messed up they even have a “Diagnostics Center” that can recover any missing boot files, and can reset bcdedit storage.


Give EasyBCD a try you might find it’s useful. Sure it did for me.



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