Enable Multi-Touch Gesture Browsing Experience in Chrome


If you have used any touch based browser, like Safari on iPad, Metro IE 10 on Windows 8, you would appreciate the pleasure that the touch feeling brings to you, and you wish you would have the same when you are on Windows. While there seems no way you can have it in IE, there is a workaround that you might want to try in Chrome.

chromeTouch is a Chrome extension that enables iPhone like touch scroll interface and multi-touch gesture like 2-finger zoom in and out right in Chrome on Windows.

Once you have it installed, you will see the chromeTouch icon right next to the star bookmarking icon in the address bar indicating that the touch feature is on when you are on any web pages. Then you can scroll the page up and down, slide it left and right, zoom it in and out without using any of the scrollbars on the browser. Even though you don’t have the touch device you can still experience it with your mouse. You have to do it by yourself to see how good it is.


There are also 3 sections of settings you can adjust to meet your own needs. Right click on the chromeTouch icon and select Options to go in.




I have to say it’s very cool and useful, especially when browsing in Chrome on Windows.

[via IntoWindows]




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