Evernote Limit 2 Device Per Account–How To Migrate To OneNote


Recently Evernote announced a change in its pricing, which reduces the number of devices per account for Free users. For Basic account, it will impose a limit of two devices only. Exceeding the limit, you will receive a warning and ask to revoke access from other devices. If you are one of those Evernote users that use more than two devices, it’s time to switch and migrate Evernote to OneNote.


Previously, we’ve covered a way to migrate notes from Evernote to OneNote, but that leverages the use of export to print and import from OneNote. It’s not completely automated, and a lot of things can go wrong or missing during the switch. Fortunately, Microsoft has finally created an official tool to make your life much easier switching from Evernote to OneNote. Introducing OneNote Importer, it’s designed specifically targeted to the audience of Evernote. To use the tool, just download and run the executable without installing it first. The wizard-based app works best if you already have Evernote locally downloaded and installed, as it will speed up the import process to OneNote.

Get Started To Migrate Evernote to OneNote

accept the terms and condition to proceed.


If you have Evernote locally installed, it will pick up all your Evernote Notebooks from your local disk automatically.


Select the notes you wish to import to OneNote.


Now connect to your OneNote account.


The importer tool also can import your Evernote Tags into organizing content in OneNote.


Now just wait for the import to finish. This might take a while, depending on how much data you have saved in Evernote as well as how much free storage space you have with OneDrive. Make sure there is enough room on OneDrive before proceed.


When the entire process is done, the wizard will list any problems it has encountered during the import.

Install OneNote Clipper To Replace Evernote Web Clipper

If the migration disrupts your normal workflow, there is an entire ecosystem of add-ons you can try to replace notes taking with Evernote into OneNote. Head over to https://www.onenote.com/clipper to install OneNote Clipper for your browser.


Personally, I’ve found the tool to be more feature rich than Evernote’s web clipper.


There you have it, enjoy new notes taking with OneNote. The added benefit will grow in time if you are also using Microsoft’s Office and Office 365.




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