Excel Tip: How To Auto-Fit All Columns Width in One Click


How many times you have to double-click the border of the column to make its width to auto-fit the content length? I had one point considered this as a nightmare when I had one Excel spreadsheet open to find out over 20 columns that were all scrambled together.

And this quick trick will help you solve this, once for all.

1. Highlight all columns you want to set to auto-fit the width.

2. Go to Home tab, click Format under Cells section, and choose AutoFit Column Width.

Excel - column autofit

And see what happens next.

You can also use the AutoFit Row Height to auto-fit the height of the rows you highlighted as well.

If you are using Excel to manipulate the data on a regular basis, you will definitely need this.



  1. I haven’t used Excel in ages, but, after selecting the columns can’t you also just double-click Auto-Fit on one of the columns, which automatically auto-fits all the selected columns?


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