Experience ChromeBook Right Now On Your Windows Machine


Google’s ChromeBook isn’t new, it has been around for a few years already, starting with the introduction of its Chrome OS. But in this week’s announcement, Google’s unveiling of a new high-end premium ChroomBook Pixel is very new and exciting. From glancing the specs of the laptop, it is built for high-end consumers with a nice touch screen! The only problem –  it ONLY runs on Google’s own Chrome OS, which essentially is just a browser. However, on the other way around,

You can experience what it will look like by using a ChromeBook right now on your Windows Machine

First thing you need to do is go and grab a Dev Channel release of the Chrome build.


Then, head here to install any newly “packaged app” such as TextDrive. This will trigger a prompt asking whether you’d like to open the app with Chrome App Launcher or as an Chrome extension. Choose, to open as a Chrome App Launcher.


Notice that there is an icon added to your Windows’s task bar, this is the new Chrome App Launcher, it’s pretty much the same app launcher that you will see in a ChromeBook.


That’s all you need. Give it a try and see how everything works with the new Chrome App Launcher.

Hint: if you don’t see the Chrome App Launcher prompt when you install the new app such as Text Drive, then chances are you probably aren’t using the latest Dev Channel build of ChromeOS. Be sure to restart your Chrome to get the latest update.



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