Facts and Measures about Data Loss and Data Recovery Mechanism


Data loss is an inevitable event that can happen to anyone from an individual PC user to professionals who use it in their offices. Therefore, to overcome data loss, people usually create and maintain the backup of their data. However, despite their best efforts to secure data, data loss occurs. In the past one decade, it is observed that one of the major causes for business loss in companies is data loss. Their unplanned and unstructured way of preserving the precious data has shut down a lot of small to medium-sized companies in the past two years.

There are various reasons that are responsible for data loss. These reasons may vary from natural disasters (like flood, earthquake, or fire) to accidental deletion of some files to IT or system failure. Let us see some of the facts related to data loss that occurs due to various above-mentioned reasons and its consequences:

  • The organizations that undergo major disasters go out of their business in just three years.
  • On the other hand, the businesses that encounter critical systems crash or IT failure shut down within a year of data loss.
  • 44% of the companies that undergo severe fire are unable to reopen, whereas 33% of the organizations that survived in this disaster do not last for more than 3 years.

A graph of possible data loss reasons and their percentage is shown herein that represents the following measures:


  • From the above graph, it is seen that 30-40% of the problems that interrupt the business are caused due to the internal malfunction of software or hardware damage.
  • Human errors are another major portion that covers the major area of this graph. Around 40% cases of data loss come under this category.
  • The other most prominent cause of data loss is virus infection. Approximately 20% of the data loss cases are encountered due to this reason.
  • Rest 10% data loss scenarios are seen because of natural disasters and sabotage.

Some other facts that users must know about data loss are:

  • The rate of hard drive crash in United State itself is around 140,000 per year.
  • In the year 2008, around 23% of overall malicious activities were contributed by USA only. That means USA was the top country responsible for overall malicious software or activities.

To handle such situations and to prevent data loss, most of the small to medium level organizations spend their 6 to 8 hours in planning and maintaining data recovery plans with business continuity plans. However, if they maintain regular backups, then they can avoid such situation. If they think or spend time in planning and creating data recovery strategies, then opting for professional data recovery software is recommended.

Professional data recovery tools recover lost, deleted, or formatted data without causing loss. The simple and intuitive user interface of an efficient software provides an easy atmosphere to carry on the recovery of lost or deleted files. However, only having the recovery software with you is not the gateway to undo the loss, rather observing some precautions while you encountered the loss is the right path to attain success. The precaution is very simple and it is:

“Stop using your affected hard drive until the recovery software recovers your lost data”

This precaution is there to stop the overwriting of deleted files. Yes, your deleted or lost files, folder, or other kind of data does not go anywhere when you give command for deletion. Instead, the index associated with it gets removed when you delete it. The index is the entry of each file of your computer in the ‘Index Table’ of the Operating System (OS). Since a deleted file does not have the index entry in the ‘Index Table’, the OS is unable to find it, despite the fact that file is there at its previous location and physically intact. Moreover, the OS marks the space occupied by this file as ready to be reused. Therefore, in such situation, if you keep on using your hard drive for saving new data, then there are high chances of writing of new data over the deleted one, which eventually causes data overwriting. The overwritten data is impossible to be retrieved even by the most prominent data recovery software; thus, it is said to observe this precaution.

In addition to this, it is recommended to download the data recovery software on a computer other than your affected one; however, if the recovery software is already there on your computer, then there is no need for this. This precaution again is for preventing data loss due to overwriting of data that can occur as the software is being downloaded to your computer. Now, attach your affected hard drive as an external drive to this computer and perform the recovery of your files by selecting this attached drive.

However, these precautions do not show the inability of the data recovery software; instead, these tools work on the mechanism using which hard drive stores data. These tools have used the hard drive data storage process as a ladder to reach to lost file and undo the loss. Therefore, observing precaution is the best support for recovering your data without any loss by the help of professional data recovery tool. Therefore, what are you waiting for? just use appropriate software and undo the loss.



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