File Secure Free to Password Protect Your Folder, File and USB Drive


File Secure Free is another all-in-one free security tool that protects your folders and files or even USB drives with password and/or encryption. It offers 4 types of protections you will often need on your day-to-day work, File Backup, File Encryption, File Shredder, and USB Drive Lookup, with a very easy-to-use user interface.

File Encryption

File Secure Free - File Encryption

File Secure Free uses military standard AES encryption algorithm to encrypt your data with your own password. You can use the tool to encrypt any format of the files, including documents, photos, images, programs, or even databases. And you can encrypt both files and folders.

You will have to remember the password used in encryption, or you won’t be able to decrypt them later on to access your data. The password is the key to the encryption. It has to be complicated yet very easy to remember to yourself. A password phrase is much better than a gibberish password randomly generated by computer.

File Shredder

File Secure Free - File Shredder

We all know that shift-deleting or emptying your trash can isn’t enough to wipe a file or folder completely out of the hard drive. They may still well existed in your system and can be retrieved by many free undelete tools on the market, unless they are being over-written. This File Shredder feature in this tool can get you rest assured that your confidential files will be gone completely and permanently once the process is finished.

It uses military-grade shredding algorithms and various shredding patterns to completely wipes out deleted data so there will be no trace of the confidential data left to detect. Note that depending on the algorithms you choose and the amount of data needed to be wiped out, it may take a while to complete a shredding process.

Lockup USB Drives

File Secure Free - Lockup

The last thing you probably want is that you lost a USB drive that has all your confidential data about your work on it. To prevent this type of data lost from happening, the best practice is to encrypt it. File Secure Free offers a feature like this to protect your drive by locking it up with a password. The cumbersome consequence is that every time when you plug it in you will need to type in the password to unlock it before you can access to its content. But that could be nothing comparing to data loose.

File Backup

File Secure Free - File Backup

The backup feature contains both backup and restore functions. It’s quite basic but does offer another level of security to your offsite backup set by compressing the data into a DFI image format. Whoever gets the hands on your data will still need this program to open and restore before accessing your data.


If you want to a full protection of your computer, a solution like TrueCrypt is more powerful. But if all you need is to protect your certain files and folders, File Secure Free might be a lot easier to use. It’s more like an Encryption-on-demand solution to secure and protect your own data whenever needed. It’s certainly worth a position in my free toolbox. The only downside is that I can’t use this to protect my many cloud-based folder, since I won’t be access to them on another computers that don’t have File Secure Free installed, i.e. my iPhone.



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