Filedrop Is an Elegant and Easy to Use AirDrop File Share Alternative Between PC and Macs


We all have frustrations when it comes to share digital media to other people, especially when sharing to the people sitting next to you. A simple sharing could involve many complicated steps to complete. Do you email as attachments to this person? Do you upload to Dropbox and share it to this person? Do you open up a shared folder? What about firewall, what’s the other person’s IP address, user permissions, etc.? All of those make things extremely annoying and headache. Simply put, maybe using USB and physically deliver it to the other end would be the best option?

Filedrop The Alternative To AirDrop in Windows

Try Filedrop, say no to frustration. It’s by far the best file sharing app I’ve used in a long time. It’s extremely easy to use especially for sharing contents to your near by friends. Filedrop takes care of the rest, just install the app on your machine. Install the same app on your other nearby machine. Launch the app, magically you will see the other computer showing up in Filedrop.


It has a slick design taken from Mac’s desktop application. Also it’s worth mentioning that Filedrop supports both PC and Mac. Mobile versions are available on both iOS and Android platforms.


To share a file just drag and drop it to the designated computer. The other machine will then prompt to ask you to whether accept or decline the file.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 1.43.53 AM

By default, the files are saved to your download directory. You can change the path to a custom location as well.

Give Filedrop a try, it’s really useful and fun to use. It’s also a perfect alternative to Mac’s AirDrop for Windows, and Mac. Plus there is no requirement to use Bluetooth like AirDrop did on Mac. No account sign up or any user credential collected, pure peer to peer file share.




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