FilePro to Analyze Your Disk Space and Usage [Freeware]


FilePro TreeMap

FilePro is a professional disk utility that analyzes the space and usage on not only disks but folders or even network folders as well.

It’s not a portable tool so unfortunately you need to download and install it on your computer before using it. Once launched, it automatically detects the disks mounted and used on the system and starts analyzing the spaces and usages right away with only little system resources used.

The result is shown in its unique TreeMap view that first gives you the overview of how your disks are being used. If you want see a specific folder more in details, right click the area where the folder is saved, and Zoom Folder  in. Or simply, you can move your cursor around the area where your folder might be saved, and scroll the middle wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out the TreeMap animatedly.


Heck, you can even open the file location in Windows Explorer right over there, or a Command Prompt. Or execute a copy/move command on the target folders.

The analyze result can also show in a traditional TreeSize that shows the usage on the main folders with a bar chart.


Not like other disk analysis utility on the market that only scans the local file systems, FilePro can also scan a network folder to analyze the space and usage as well, which is a very nice feature to have if you mostly are working on a network environment.

All analysis result can be saved as a snapshot that can be used as the baseline to compare the later version to find out the changes that have been made to the file system.

FilePro can also be launched as a command line to easily generate the snapshot. You probably can schedule a job to run the app to generate a snapshot periodically and compare them later on for checking the changes being made during the time.

filepro.exe [volume] [snapshot_filename]

FilePro fully supports for Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It’s FREE for home non-commercial users but charges $20US for corporate users.



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