FileWall Protects Your Folder By Encrypting Them on the Fly


FileWall is an lightweighted, context-menu driven system utility that secure any windows folder by encrypting them on the fly. It was well integrated right in the Windows Explorer context menu, aka right-click popup menu. It works the similar way how EFS works.

The tool can be downloaded directly from their website (hint: looking for the link labeled Download in a light grey color). Once it’s successfully installed in your system, it adds itself into the context menu and named as FileWall. Right click on any of the folder that you want to encrypt, go to FileWall, and choose one of the options there.


The Real-Time encryption is probably the one you will be using most of the time. As soon as a folder is FileWalled in real-time mode, any files added later on will be encrypted automatically on the fly before being written to the disk.

FileWall uses AES-128 industry standard encryption algorithm, though I was hoping it can be made in AES-256, in data block. The password assigned to the encryption is key to decrypt later on. So never forget your password. It’s impossible to have your data recovered if the password is lost.

The files encrypted in the FileWalled folder will be automatically decrypted once they are moved out of it. Only the files that stay inside the FileWall protected folder are protected by the encryption.

Overall, it’s a fine written tool that is very intuitive to use. Almost anyone who knows how to right-click on the right place knows how to use the tool to secure their folder. It can’t be emphasized enough that do not forget the password used in the encryption.



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