Five Hidden Tricks You Can Do With You’re Mouse’s Middle Click


If you are following us on twitter, or facebook you might have noticed that we have been sharing Windows tips through there to our readers for the past few weeks. You can also get a list of all the tips we’ve shared so far from this post. Most of the tips we shared are useful commands and tricks to make your life a little easier when using Windows. Little you might not know, there are actually quite a few tips on what you can do with your mouse’s middle (button) click.


Rediscover the Forgotten Middle Click

1. First tip shared on day #15, in Windows 7/8 when hover over taskbar preview apps, middle click will close the app. More details on how this works.

2. Second tip shared on day #21, for most of the apps that are pinned on the Taskbar, middle click the pinned icon will launch a new instance of the application. For example, if you have Chrome pinned on the Taskbar, middle click the icon on Taskbar will open a new Chrome window. Same goes to many other apps, though it might not work for all of them.

3. The next trick you can do is specifically on Windows 8, just like from Tip #1, in Windows 8, hover and middle click any apps on the right app list will close the app. ( You can get to the list by move your mouse to the top left corner and slide down)


4. Middle click a browser’s tab will close this tab, without bringing the tab up front. This works for Chrome, Firefox and IE. It’s essentially the same for left click the x mark when hover over.


5. Last but not least, shared in day #29 if you middle click a link in any web browser, a new page will be launched in a separate tab behind the scenes.

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