Fixing Surface Pro Video Driver Issue on Windows 10 Build


After successfully upgrading one of my test Windows 8.1 machine to Windows 10 Technical Build, I decided to dive deeper with my Surface Pro 3. Everything went well as planned except for one thing, the video performance really sucked.

Turned out that’s when upgraded, Windows 10 thinks this Microsoft Basic Display Adapter is the best driver for my Surface, which is definitely not the case.

Surface Display Driver on Windows 10

Microsoft actually did release a firmware and driver update pack a few days before Build 9926 went to public. But downloading this pack and installing it on a new upgraded Surface won’t solve the issue. The Basic Display Adapter will still be stubbornly used.

You will have to go get updated through Windows Update. Go to Start Menu and launch Settings, go to Update & Recovery to download and install all pending updates. Note that you might need to do one or two updates and reboots before seeing this System Hardware Update released on Jan 22, 2015 showing up.

Settings-2015-01-26 18_13_51

And everything goes much smoother once this got installed and rebooted. Enjoy.


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