Fixing Videostream for Chromecast Hang and Stop Working Problem


Videostream for Chromecast is a Chrome app that lets you stream videos from your local computer to any Chromecast available on your network. It works flawlessly for as long as I can remember until recently where the screen just hung there after I selected the video file to stream and didn’t go anywhere.

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Reinstalling Videostream didn’t help, nor resetting the Firewall settings. I used VLC’s Chromecast support for a few times but it doesn’t always work as smoothly as Videostream. So, I did some research and found the cause and fix eventually, thanks to this Reddit post.

Basically what happened is that Google has mode some updates on the UI of the casting function in recent releases. Because of the change, Videostream couldn’t properly call up the UI that lets you choose a casting device. Fortunately, you can disable this UI change through Flags.

Open Chrome and go to chrome://flags/

Search for Views Cast dialog flag and switch its setting from Default to Disable. To prevent future breakdown because of the UI change, you can also find the Upcoming UI features flag and disable it.

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Restart Chrome browser, and open Videostream to try again. It should be working by now. The UI cast dialog box pops up with all available Chromecast devices listed for you to choose from.

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  1. YAY!!! Thank you so much, I tried all the solutions and finally stumbled on your post. It’s solved now and working great.

  2. Thanks a lot Kent! With your article it was fixed in a sec. Did you know you can simply link to this flag? Select and drag this to the address bar (or copy paste) and the flag you need lights up

  3. Thanks Heaps. Solved the issue for me too.
    Love Videostream… Works so well I would have been pretty sad to have lost the ability to use it

  4. damn, not working for me. It shows it all blurry and the stupid circle thing just rolling around. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling as well, that just caused me to lose all the movies I had started, now I can’t even select any cuz it just gets blurred.

  5. I can do the first part!
    The second part “Upcoming UI features ” is’t to be found ???

    And I cant start Videostream for Chromecast up!!!
    What to do ?

  6. I’m on the latest version of both chrome and videostream, but still get the error page, and both those flags you mentioned don’t seem to exist (anymore). Any ideas?

  7. 1. On the address bar of your Chrome browser, go to chrome://flags/. On the search flag, search for “Connect to cast devices on all IP addresses”. Change it from Default to Enabled then relaunch your browser.
    2. After the relaunch, search for “WebRTC new encode cpu load estimator”. Change it from Default to Enabled then relaunch your browser.
    3. Search for the flag “Load Media Router Component Extension”. Change it from Default to Enabled then relaunch your browser.
    4. Try casting again.

  8. also try
    1. Exit any running-instance of Chrome.
    2. Right click on your “Chrome” shortcut.
    3. Choose properties.
    4. At the end of your “Target:” line add the command line flag.
    it should look like: chrome.exe –disable-features=AudioServiceAudioStreams
    5. Launch Chrome like normal with the shortcut.

    theses are idea and instruction from google them selfs

  9. Hiya people,

    I hope someone on here can help me.

    I was using videostream for ages with no issues but I have now upgraded my rig which now has resulted in the Videostream app not being able to PC which would allow me to select from my phone what I want to watch. I have messaged support team from Videostream with little luck.

    I don’t know how long I can keep running to my PC (upstairs in a different room) to select a film/tv show.

    Any ideas people.

    Thank you

    Andrew McLean

    • Same problem here I think it was the latest chrome update that did this now videostream won’t open the chromecast selector, the advice here on this page isn’t working for this problem.

    • I wish. mine is not working at all right now. Worked last week, but now nothing will load. I’m about to call it a loss and look for other solutions (Roku? I dont know). this was perfect before!

  10. I was so hopeful but I couldn’t find the flags Views Cast dialog or Upcoming UI features in flags either manually or by the search built in. So I still have an unworking Videostream Premiunm


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