Flameshot – An Interesting Superb Screenshot Tool


When it comes to screenshot tools on Windows, there is definitely no shortage of good ones. Greenshot is my primary screenshot tool on my main computers. And Win+Shift+S is my friend when I am on a computer that doesn’t have my go-to tools installed.

Flameshot is another one that is worth taking a good look at. It’s an open-source project hosted on Github so it’s completely free. And it works across different platforms too, not only just windows but on Mac OS and Linux as well.

animatedUsage 600x327 - Flameshot - An Interesting Superb Screenshot Tool

To install, head over to its releases page and download the Windows version to install it on your computer. Note that, there is also a portable version available as well if you are interested.

Flameshot uses the PrtScr key as the default key to launch the screenshot process. And by default, it takes the rectangular region of your desktop. And you selected the area, a bunch of editing tools shows up around the screenshot area for you to choose to add notes or drawing on it.

image 21 600x306 - Flameshot - An Interesting Superb Screenshot Tool

I have to admit, the tools available there are exactly the ones I use on daily basis, such as Texts, Arrows, Highlighters, Pixalating texts, counter bubbles. On top of that, you can still adjust the screenshot area if needed. Holding down the Shift key while resizing the selection area will do the mirror re-sizing on the opposite side at the same time.

Each tool has a quick shortcut key assigned to it with a color picker that pops right up with a quick right-click. This is probably the easiest way I’ve experienced picking a color.

image 22 600x269 - Flameshot - An Interesting Superb Screenshot Tool

Once all settled, you have the choice of copying it to the clipboard, save it to the disk, or uploading it to Imgur for sharing.

When launched, it quietly sits in the system tray. You can do some configuration changes by right-clicking the icon and choosing Configuration.

image 24 - Flameshot - An Interesting Superb Screenshot Tool


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