Flash and IE on Windows 8


image thumb98 - Flash and IE on Windows 8

The life for Adobe Flash is getting tough lately. While it’s not completely dead yet on the next version of Windows as many claimed, thinking of Microsoft’s “Re-Imaging” strategy that basically states that Metro UI is your future, it’s fairly close to dead.

With the 2-in-1 approach in Windows 8, there are 2 version of IE running simultaneously on Windows 8. Even though both are running IE 10 Developer Preview, one that runs in Metro Style goes “Plug-in free” while the other that runs on desktop maintain the same.

Due to the nature design of Metro Style apps, which is a sandboxed, locked-down app environment, having a plug-in model in IE would break these standards. Besides, as claimed, a browsing without plug-in improves battery life as well as security, reliability, and privacy. All make sense. Therefore, sorry, Flash and many others.

However, since the IE version running on desktop still supports plug-ins, flash still has its breath through the desktop for the moment. Simply browsing Adobe Flash page will automatically get the flash loaded for you.

Will this change in the future release? No one knows but one thing I am sure is that the Metro Style browsing will absolutely remain in plug-in free.


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