Fleex Is A Video Player That Finds Subtitles In English and Your Own Language


Let’s be honest, English isn’t my first language. Even though I speak, read and write English everyday, there are still words and vocabulary I don’t know. More and more people use English as their second language, a universal language to communicate. If you’re not proficient in English or still at the stage trying to learn this language, then I think this tool will be extremely helpful to help you learn English at your spare entertainment time. Learning by watching TV shows or Movies, how great that is!

Fleex Is a VLC Based Video Player Finds Subtitles In Multi Language

Fleex is a VLC based video player, so you don’t have to worry about the type of video it can’t play. If VLC can play those videos, it can too. It does more than that, just indicate the language of your choice,  VLC will try to analyze the type of video you’re playing and will try its best to grab the subtitles of the corresponding video.

All the subtitles are from OpenSubtitles.org

Checkout the demo below, Fleex is very cool in many ways. You can not only find subtitles, but it also has a build in dictionary to define the words from the subtitle. You can slow down the video to try to catch up, or you can even give a mix of subtitles between English and your own language.

Download Fleex here. Give it a try or share to the people you know might find this tool useful !



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