FluffyApp is a Powerful Windows Client For CloudApp


Everyone is jump on the cloud bandwagon, Microsoft has it’s own Cloud integration with SkyDrive and Windows Live ID. Apple has it’s invisible iCloud. Google, well, everything you use from this company lives in the cloud.

CloudApp, is yet, another company that offers cloudify solutions to your documents, originally designed for the Mac. FluffyApp is a Windows client that uses CloudApp’s storage and some of their features. You can signup a free account with CloudApp here. Unlike Dropbox, CloudApp is not a file sync tool, instead it just stores and uploads whatever you choose to upload.


Even thought the free account is no where match the capacity of Dropbox or another online storage service, there are still number of features worth check it out. You can download the FluffyApp here.

Once you’ve download the zip, extract it will launch the installer. You will then see this cloud on your taskbar. From here you can drag and documents files or image or music to the cloud app it will automatically upload the file for you and automatically organize based on the type of files as well.


1. Use It as Quick Bookmark/Link Saver


You can assign a hot-key to trigger the action. It will save the link of your current active tab to the cloud.

2. Auto Upload Screenshot


You can make use of it’s storage to upload screenshots to the cloud. All you need to do is to head to the option page, configure and check “region capture”


Once you’ve triggered the action, just click and drag any area on your screen, it will take a screenshot and then upload to the cloud.

The rest are pretty straight forward, just drag and upload. This is useful if you use the CloudApp on the Mac, and you use Windows along with your Mac in a daily basis. Other than that, Dropbox is still my personal favorite app for anything to cloudify your documents.

Check out FluffyApp.



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