Free All-in-One Codecs for Windows 8


Tired of looking for a suitable codec to play your movies? Here is a complete codec pack, namely Windows 8 Codecs, for you and it works on both Windows 8 and Windows 7. Better yet, it’s completely free. No string attached.

It supports a wide range of playback formats, including the very popular ones such as divx, mka, mkv, mp4, rmvb, flv, ect., ect. It seamlessly integrates with your favorite movie players without additional configurations. You are absolutely fine using the default Windows Media Player to enjoy all types of movies.

Windows 8 Codecs thumb - Free All-in-One Codecs for Windows 8

As we all know by now, Microsoft has pulled back Windows Media Center and made it only available as a paid add-on. With this Windows 8 Codecs, you don’t have to miss this anymore. Windows Media Play with this all-in-one codec pack is all you need to play media files on your Windows 8 computer.

However, it’s still not good enough to cover the loose of DVD Playback feature in Windows Media Player. You will still need a decent 3rd party media play like VLC to enjoy your DVD or Blu-ray Disc. But nowadays, I am finding myself most of time only watching media files with a variety of formats instead of piles of DVDs.

I am also looking for a decent free native Windows 8 app to replace the native Windows 8 Video app.


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