Free Disk Copy and Migration Solution by EaseUS


Backup plays an important role in retrieving important after accidental deletion or formatting. You should keep your backup copy updated to ensure that all the recently changed/modified files has been backed up successfully. Manually taking data backup could involve loads of efforts and time. Luckily, there are many free alternatives that could save bunch of time and keeps you free from all your data loss woes.

EaseUS Disk Copy offers free platform of taking data backup and lets you migrate old or existing hard drive to modern solid state devices. Download this utility for free on PCs running any latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP etc. This tool can perform incremental and differential backup to ensure that all the recently changed or modified files has been backed up.


Key Features

Below mentioned are the key feature of EaseUS Disk Copy utility available for free to use:

Complete system backup

You can take an image or backup of complete system including files, installed applications in one single file, compressed and optimized to reduce disk space. This will help take complete backup at one go.

Disk Imaging

Block or sector level imaging allows complete partition image which you can use at any point to time to restore everything in case of accidental deletion or formatting. You’ll need to store the volume image to ensure that the files can still be retrieved.

File backup

Don’t worry if you want to perform selective backup of only the files you want. You’ll be free to take backup of selective files including the one stored on network drives.

Disk Cloning or Migration

There may be need of upgrading the current drives just to make sure that you’re using the latest storage platform or technology. You can also use this if the drive ran out of space or switching for solid state drives. For complete tutorial, you can read an article on how to clone a hard drive, involves series of steps to help you perform hard drive cloning effectively.


EaseUS Disk Copy is available for free initially and operate break free copy and move operation. EaseUs Software perform incremental, differential or scheduled backup and offers flawless recovery of complete system/file or partition recovery. You don’t need to worry about disk cloning, migration or OS backup as long as you’ve this utility around.



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