Free Network Tool: WOL2


Wake-on-Line is a network standard that allows a computer to be turned on by a network message, so called magic packet, that is usually sent by a program executed on another computer on the same local network. We’ve covered this technique before in a post How To Wake Up Online A Tuned Off Computer in Windows 7. Now, I am going to introduce a tool that handles this WOL business much easier.

WOL2 is free portable network tool acting like a Wake-on-Line manager that lets you to easily power on, reboot, or shutdown computers over a same LAN. It works on pretty much all Windows platforms including the latest Windows 8 & 8.1, both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.

Since it’s portable, you can simply download it and extract the content to a convenient location, and launch it. If it’s a first time you are running the tool on a new network, click Edit → Scan for new hosts to scan the network to get all the live hosts listed in the program.

WOL2+ +Run+scan+hosts - Free Network Tool: WOL2
WOL2 – launch scan process

Depending on how many hosts you have in your network, it may take a little bit time to have the scanning process finished. Once it’s finished, it pulls all the hosts info and lists them all in the program.

WOL2+ +2013 10 03+14 01 24 600x414 - Free Network Tool: WOL2
WOL2 – main screen with all hosts listed

You can add, update, or remove any of the listed hosts right in the program. Right-clicking on any of the host, you can fire up the command to wake, reboot, or shutdown that host. Super easy.

WOL2+ +right+click+on+the+host - Free Network Tool: WOL2
WOL2 – Right-clicking on the host to launch command

What’s interesting is that it can even be configured to control VNC, Putty, MSTSC (remote desktop), etc. I haven’t tested these features but if you do, feel free to drop a line here letting us know how it works.

WOL2 is an open source project. If you like it and happen to be an enthusiastic developer, you can lend a hand to help improve it.



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