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Partition your hard drive, is something you probably rarely do. Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition 4.0.1 is a freeware that allows you easily manage your hard drive. Few things need to clarify first, Windows also do comes with a disk partition utility that allows you to manage your hard drive. Just type “Disk Partition” in the start menu search file.

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Click “Create and format hard disk partitions”, this open up the Disk Management Utility.

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You can use this build-in utility to create a new partition, combine two partitions, or format the disk file system. The Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition, is a freeware that also allows you do easily manage your hard drive. The UI has a XP style left navigation bar, shows the information of some basic operations. This utility also supports  RAID.

This free partition software works perfectly with hardware RAID and Windows 2000/XP/Vista Operating Systems. It not only provides convenient user-interface to simplify your job but also enables you to configure and manage partitions of hard drive. Safely copy dynamic volume to basic disk with resizing this basic disk and extend NTFS system partition without reboot are available now. In addition, Disk & Partition copy is designed for protecting your data.

[note: it works perfectly in Windows 7 as well]

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Other useful features include partition copying, a boot disk creator, a Properties option that will tell you everything from the physical geometry of the drive to the serial number, drive letter swapping, and password protection. In testing these features, the only glitch encountered occurred when a task had completed and the program window hid behind other active program windows. This did not, however, affect the use or execution of EPM, and we recommend it unequivocally for partitioning tasks.

Over all, it’s a nice freeware that allow you to easily manage your hard drive. Very useful tool, better and centrally have a better user interface than the Windows Disk Manager.

Note: Create a new Partition maybe time-consuming depending on the size of your hard drive, and the size of new partition. A 750GB hard drive create a new 350 GB partition will take around 1 hour


  1. maybe someone can give me a fast answer:
    I´ve shuted down my PC because of a dump mistake… I know that the red led was no more busy, but now and even before i´m not able to see what my PC i doing now )if he doing something)… after a shut sown, will start the partition manager by it self ??? and how is it possible to see what the PC i doing at the moment ???


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