Free ShareShot to Easily Take and Share Screenshots


As a blogger, a great screen capture tool can make my life a lot easier, which is why I never stopped looking for and trying out anyone that pass through my hands. VeryPDF’s Free ShareShot is another simply but powerful one that is definitely worth mentioning here.

It’s a free application developed by VeryPDF, a PDF creator software vendor, for taking screenshots in Windows. It offers 3 capture mode, which covers most of the screen capture needs for most of the people.

Once launched, the program registers 3 keyboard shortcuts automatically, well, actually 4 shortcuts can be used.

PrtScr to capture any region of the screen

Alt + PrtScr to capture any entire Window

Ctrl + PrtScr to capture the full screen

Shift + PrtScr to capture the last region used with PrtScr.

shareshot system tray

What’s nice is that it comes with a built in image editor that comes very handy when you need to make some change or comments on the shots you captured. The built-in Image Editor is very basic with only offering 5 drawing features, lines, arcs, rectangles, arrows, and texts. It’s kind a little too basic to me since if I switch over to this program I would miss the cropping, mosaicing features I often use with my current screen capture tool. But it does offer another useful feature that lets you easily upload the screenshot to VeryPDF website to share with other people.

shareshot image editor

Other than a little too basic Image Editor that comes with the tool that I am complaining, the Free ShareShot is a very simple and easy to use screenshot tool that you definitely need to check out if you are out looking for one to replace the one that comes with Windows.



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