Free System Maintenance Utility: Cloud System Booster


Cloud System Booster is a free system maintenance utility that intends to make your Windows computers faster, better, and more reliable. It’s an all-in-one PC care program for powerful system maintenance, mainly in 4 areas: junk file cleaning, registry repair, system optimization, and app manager (only available in PRO edition). What makes it different from many other similar utilities is that it has a cloud feature that keeps the local database up-to-date based on the database stored in the cloud.

Installation of Cloud System Booster is fairly straightforward. Just download the file from Internet and load it up. Once it’s lunched, it first creates a system restore point automatically as a safe step in case anything happens unexpectedly.

Cloud System Booster create system restore point thumb - Free System Maintenance Utility: Cloud System Booster

The main program user interface has two tabs, one for regular user called Home tab, and one for the power user called Expert. In Home tab, you can just select one or more out of 4 options listed on the screen, and Boost them in one step. Note that, since App Manager is only available in Pro edition, you basically can run up to 3 tools at once.

Cloud System Booster Home tab thumb - Free System Maintenance Utility: Cloud System Booster

The Expert tab gives more options in detailed categories so power users can choose whichever are necessary to run when needed.

Cloud System Booster Expert tab thumb - Free System Maintenance Utility: Cloud System Booster

So why it’s called Cloud and what makes it better and different than others? According to its product feature page,

Cloud-based optimization engine and online database enable more efficiency to make computer faster and better. The Cloud technology empowers user-sourced online database to offer real-timely updated data for better maintenance services. This means Cloud System Booster performs files analyzing and cleaning up based on thousands of ratings by both tech professionals and users who kindly share the data.

Cloud System Booster works in all popular Windows platforms, from XP and above. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported. It also offers a PRO edition that includes a few more other features that are not available in Free version, including Automatic Cloud Database Update, Automatic PC Boost, and App Manager, with a price tag at $19.98.


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