Free Windows 8 Accessibility Guide Available for Download


Accessibility in Windows is one of the essential feature pack that enables people of all abilities and all ages to effectively use Windows. With new touch-oriented new design, Windows 8 includes a lot of new and improved accessibility features that are going to help greatly to almost anyone who wants to use devices powered by Windows 8.

To help us to understand better what’s new and how to use Accessibility features in Windows 8, Microsoft released a set of free user guides focusing on Windows 8 Accessibility that includes a 2-page Accessibility fact sheet in PDF format and a 89-page of Accessibility Tutorials in both PDF and MS Word format.


You can download this free Windows 8 Accessibility Guide directly on this Microsoft Download Page. You may require a Windows account to log in before going to the download page. The 88-page guide includes 5 main chapters covering:

  • Overview of Accessibility in Windows 8
  • Ease of Access
  • Personalization
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also checkout other Free eBooks available for download.



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