Freemake Video Converter That Let’s You Convert To Any Video Format



Freemake Video Converter is an awesome rich UI all-in-one THE video convert you will never need to convert any format video to another format that you could possible think of.

It lets you convert any video to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG. It also have presets that allows you to easily convert to any device form factor to suit the best viewable resolution on to the device that you are going to watch the video.

It has support for iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android (phone and Tablets) BlackBerry etc.

Feature Rich

There are also tones more feature into it other than the basic video conversion. For instance, it lets you to merge two video into one, some thing that only premium video editing tools can do.


Freemake Video Conveter also lets you to convert to any video format even the video is not on your machine. You can pass-in an URL for a specific video (youtube for example) and it will fetch the video and then convert to the format you wish. Very neat.

You can also add your own soundtrack (audio) into the video.

Check it out if you are still using handbrake to convert your video it’s time to leap forward to try out Freemake Video Converter.




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