[Freeware] Comodo System Utilities is An All-in-One System Cleaner


Comodo System Utilities is a free system clean up tool that helps boost your computer’s performance through a series of clean-up, optimizes features that reach deep into your computer and fully destroy any space-wasting junk. It consists of 3 different cleaners with 2 bonus file deletion and shredding features.

  • Registry Cleaner
  • Privacy Cleaner
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Force Delete
  • Shredder

The Home tab of the tool shows off a summery of the issues it finds in each category.

Comodo System Utlities thumb - [Freeware] Comodo System Utilities is An All-in-One System Cleaner

Registry Cleaner identifies, removes, and/or repairs any corrupted registry entries. It offers 3 different types of scan and clean. Quick Clean cleans up invalid entries from common registry locations. Normal Clean, which is by default, cleans up invalid entries from entire registry. There is also a In-Depth Clean that cleans up entire registry using heuristics.

Privacy Cleaner deletes cookies, caches and history, and anything related to your footprint on your computer. It also offer 3 types of clean. Basic Clean cleans up common usage traces from your computer, while Normal Clean cleans up all traces and common personal information. The Aggressive mode removes all your privacy information completely out of your computer.

Disk Cleaner does 2 things to clean up the clutter in your hard drive, clean-up obsolete files as well as remove duplicate files. You can remove obsolete files through either Quick Clean mode or Full Clean mode which cleans all files from your computer that are obsolete.

The files removed by all these 3 cleaners are still saved in the tool’s vault and can be restored if you find removing them would be a mistake.

Comodo System Utlities Restore thumb - [Freeware] Comodo System Utilities is An All-in-One System Cleaner

And all cleaning operations can be scheduled to automate the process. It’s very useful to keep your system slim with minimized effort.

Comodo System Utlities Schedule thumb - [Freeware] Comodo System Utilities is An All-in-One System Cleaner

You will probably appreciate the 2 additional tools added into this program. Force Delete deletes any tough files that you are finding are not easy to get ride of. And Shredder permanently deletes files that can not be recovered by any other tools. You can choose to shred selected files and folders, or shred the whole drives (partitions), or even the entire disk.

Comodo System Utlities Shred thumb - [Freeware] Comodo System Utilities is An All-in-One System Cleaner

Comodo System Utilities works on windows XP and above, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions supported, with minimum 32M RAM and 20MB disk space. It’s free with a Pro edition that adds an Active Clean feature that runs in the background and does its job automatically in real-time.

Comodo System Utlities Active Clean thumb - [Freeware] Comodo System Utilities is An All-in-One System Cleaner


Even though the free version of Comodo System Utilities misses a real-time protection feature that is only available in Pro edition, it’s still a very useful and well developed system utility that packs of number of features from registry cleaning to file destroy and shredding. The schedule capability definitely helps to people like me who hated doing routine work like run the tool once a week to clean up the mess I accumulated over the week.


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