Fun Tool: Ping with A Graph


One of the common command lines I use almost every day is PING. Who doesn’t use it anyway? It’s such an essential tool for troubleshooting any network-related issues.

But it’s kind boring always seeing numbers popping up every time you use it, isn’t it?

image 12 - Fun Tool: Ping with A Graph

How about something with a style? Like GPing, an open-source tool that does Ping, with a graph.

It’s also a portable tool as well. Download the executable in ZIP format from its GitHub releases page, and you are ready to rock.

image 13 600x314 - Fun Tool: Ping with A Graph

And if you don’t Ctrl + C to terminate it, it will just keep rolling. Pretty cool.

Usage? type the following to find out.

gping -help
image 14 600x267 - Fun Tool: Ping with A Graph



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