Gain More Disk Space By Cleanup Your Windows 7 Services Pack 1 Backup


If you have disk space issues with your Windows 7, it could be limited OS partition or running small SSDs, saving every bit of the disk space is important.

One trick you can do (assuming you have already upgraded your Windows 7 machine to Service Pack 1) is that you can cleanup the SP1 backup and gain yourself some extra hard drive space back. Because every time when Windows try to install a Service Pack it will first backup all your core files just incase if the installation/upgrade has failed. Since it has been a while Microsoft has roll our the SP1 update for Windows 7, if you have not running into any issues chances are you don’t need this backup to occupy your valuable disk space.

Here is How to Cleanup the Services Pack Backup

First go to Start (type) > “Disk Cleanup”


Make sure select the drivers that you have your Windows 7 installed on.


Depending on how large your hard drive is, it might take a while for the services to scan all the files that can be cleaned.


Once it finish scanning, you should be something like this below. If you have installed Windows 7 Services Pack 1. You will see the “Services Pack Backup Files” that’s taking 640MB of your hard drive space.


Select and click “OK” to delete.


Once the backup files are deleted, you have just give yourself some extra disk space on your OS partition.


Hope you find this useful, if you have trouble to manage or keep your disk space usage low.




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