GeekUninstaller Cleanly Removes Any Windows Applications, even the Broken Ones


Removing applications from Windows isn’t always a pleasure process. Most of the time they can be removed cleanly without leaving any trace but sometimes they are hard to wipe off. And when they are hard to get rid of, they are often leaving a lot of things behind even after being removed manually off the Add/Remove Programs’ list.

GeekUninstaller is an awesome portable free uninstaller made for geeks who don’t like having junk leaving behind. It performs deep and fast scanning after the uninstallation and wipe out all the traces left by the uninstalled application. Its Force Removal mode is made to wipe off the most stubborn and broken programs.

It’s portable, so it can be launched without an installation process. It scans and lists all programs installed on your computer with the size of the programs and the time when it was installed.

Geek Uninstaller 1.0.0

Right click the program you want to remove, and choose Uninstall. Or Force Removal. The right-click context menu even includes two quite useful entries, one leading you to the registry entry where the program is registered, and the other taking you to the Google search page for more information about the program. The latter could be very handy when you are not certain whether the program is legit or spyware installed without your permission.


GeekUninstaller is a native 64-bit portable application that flawlessly runs on both 32 and 64-bit version of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.



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