Generate System Health Report in Windows 7 [feature]


You probably have used Task Manager to check the system usage. You also probably know to use the new Resource Monitor to dig a bit deeper. But did you notice that you can also generate a system health report by just using a command line? Here is how.

Type in the following command in the Run dialog box, and see what happens. You need to be the member in the local administrator group to run the report. Or, open Command Prompt window as administrator first.

perfmon /report

The command opens Resource and Performance Monitor directly in reporting mode, which starts the collecting data phase right away. It may take up to a few minutes to finish, depending on various of things.


The report records details about the computer’s performance, resource usage, and much more. Once it finishes collecting the data, it shows a report in details in several categories.



You can also save the report in HTML format for future reference, or send off to others via email, from the File menu.

It’s a great new feature that I am sure I will be using quite often.



  1. times out everytime when actually generating the report – which seems to be a predominant problem for the bulk of users of Vista and Win 7 who try to do this, any solution on how to extend the length of time before it reaches timeout?


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