Get Mac OS X’s Mission Control on Your Windows


Mac OS X Mountain Lion released today, Mission Control wasn’t a new feature in this release of OS X but it was “new” as of Lion last year’s release. Put in a plain text, Mission Control is really just another way for user to view all open applications with a pretty decent animation. The closest native Windows feature is hovering over show desktop on the task bar in Windows 7.

If you’d like to have this Mission Control on your Windows 7, there is a tool you can download called Mission Control /Expose Clone W7. Simply download and extract the zip file, run the mc.exe. It will rearrange your window and give you a mission control like overview of all your open applications.

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Hot Key

If you’d like to use this often, you can press “Ctrl+Tab” anywhere in any application it will launch this Mission Control overview. Alternatively, you can pin to the task bar dock and press the “Win key + 1

2012 07 26 0018 thumb - Get Mac OS X’s Mission Control on Your Windows

To make this tweak run in the background all the time you can pass in a flag in the command line or create a shortcut passing the parameters “—resident”

2012 07 26 0102 thumb - Get Mac OS X’s Mission Control on Your Windows

Couple issue with this tweak, apparently there is no way to quit easily, the only way to stop the app is by going to the task manager and find the processor and kill it. It also doesn’t work well with dual monitor, but given the fact it’s in beta and the cool new effect added to your system isn’t a bad trade off.

Give Mission Control / Expose Clone W7 a try.


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