Getting Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 10


Remember the Windows Experience Index on Windows 7? It was kind of a big deal since it scores the hardware capabilities of your system against Microsoft’s own benchmark and lets you compare your machine with others that run the same Windows operating system. While the score only presents a vague idea how well or poor your computer performs, it does provide a simple way for less tech-savvy users to get a rough idea about their computer.

Windows 7 Experience Indes 600x388 - Getting Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 10

The hype doesn’t last long since it was removed when Windows 8 comes along. And it didn’t come back when Windows 10 was released. But there is a workaround if the idea of getting a score like Windows Experience Index still intrigue you. And here is how. Thanks to AddictiveTips for sharing this trick.

Generate System Diagnostics Report

Open Performance Monitor on Windows 10, go to Data Collector Sets on the left panel and expand System. Then right-click System Diagnostics and select Start.

Performance Monitor System Diagnostic Start - Getting Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 10

This will run a fresh diagnostics on your current computer system. It shows a Play icon during the process which takes about 1 or 2 minutes to complete.

Reading the Windows Experience Index Score

Once the Play icon disappeared, you are ready to get the score you are waiting for. Go to Reports > System > System Diagnostics in Performance Monitor and you will see your computer’s name listed in there as the most recent report.

Highlight your computer name and expand System, Desktop Rating, and all Queries until you see the score values like below.

Performance Monitor Desktop Rating Scores 600x432 - Getting Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 10

It scores the main components that power your computer, including CPU, Memory, Disk and GPUs both on-board and dedicated. There is no an overall score like Windows 7 does but that hardly means anything because the overall score you see on Windows 7 is merely the lowest number scored on one component.

The System Diagnostic report you generated through this process actually provides a lot more details about your computer. It’s worth a little bit more of your time going through it. You may find something interesting you weren’t aware of before.

Performance Monitor System Diagnostic Report 600x303 - Getting Windows Experience Index Score on Windows 10


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