Google Chrome Tip: How To Add A Native Mute Button on Tab

A while back, Google Chrome added a little nice feature that shows up a speaker icon on any tabs that were playing music. And it’s made my life a lot easier to hunt down a site that’s been playing loud ads music without my consent. Well, there is actually an experiment feature available in Chrome that makes thingsĀ even better, a speaker with a mute button.

And here is how.

Type chrome://flags into the address bar, and hit Enter. Do a quick search on “muting ui” to locate a setting called “Enable tab audio muting UI control“.

2015-02-19 21_38_52-chrome___flags

Click Enable, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and hit Relaunch Now button to restart the browser.

Now, let’s open a YouTube video and see if we have this mute button to mute the audio from playing.

2015-02-19 21_40_13-Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word acoustic cover- Elton John - YouTube

Nice. Clicking the speaker button now will mute the audio and the tab will be muted. Personally, I really like it. I’d take the risk to keepĀ this experiment feature on until it’s available in the stable version.

Kent Chen

Microsoft MVP, IT Professional, Developer, Geek, and the co-founder of Next of Windows.

Last updated: 02/19/2015

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