Google Drive is Now Integrated with Microsoft Office, Here is How To Use It


OneDrive is now by default enabled in Office 2013, so is Dropbox if you have it installed. Not so much with Google Drive, even you have it installed and are using it, until now. Google finally released a new add-in that eliminates the gap between 2 services and integrates its cloud platform right into Microsoft’s most popular app, Office Suite, tagging office users closer to their files on the cloud, or vice versa.

The set-up is easy and straight forward. Close all your Office applications, download Google Drive Plugin and install it. Once done, you will need to go through an initial set-up wizard to link the plugin with your own Google Drive account.

Welcome to the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office - 2015-07-22 11_59_47

Since it’s integrated within Office apps, using it is relatively easy and similar to other service integrations, such as OneDrive and Dropbox. Basically, anyone using Office now can open the files directly from their Google Drive, edit on the fly, and save them right back to the same place on Drive.

A new tab called Google Drive is now showing on the Ribbon bar in Office apps that includes Open, Save, Save As, Share, and Settings. Click Open icon, which the 2nd one on the left brings up the Google Drive Opening dialog box with your recent cloud files listed.

Word 2013 - Google Drive

And when you do Save, a much simpler Save dialog box pops up, asking for the name of the file you want to save. Clicking on that My Drive icon will take you to another Windows where you can pick which Folder you want to use to store the file.

Save to Google Drive - 2015-07-22 12_02_35

If you are using later version like 2013, more integration options available under File tab when you save or open files.

Word - Google Drive

Google Drive Plugin for Office works with all supported versions of Office Suite, including the very old ones like Office 2007. It’s a separate app from Google Drive’s main desktop client, meaning that you don’t need the client installed to be able to run this plugin in Office.



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