Hackintosh Basic Troubleshoot – Beginners Video Tutorials


Hackintosh is a HOT topic, as Apple’s revenue grows year by year, more and more people owns Apple products. But out of millions Apple devices, only a small portion are contribute to the Mac sale even though it has surplus the PC sale by countless quarters now. The number of Macs compare to PC are still small, but they are growing. You can however, try a Mac without actually buying a Mac from Apple. Nowadays, due to the hardware similarities you can turn most PCs  into Hackintosh (aka Mac runs on none Apple hardware)

Over the years we have posted several guides on help you how to turn your PC into Hackintosh. If you are interested be sure to checkout:

How To Install Fully Functional Mac OS X Lion Virtual Machine inside Windows 7

Beginner Guide for Building a Fully Working Snow Leopard Hackintosh Along With Windows 7 (Part I – Hardware Selection)

Beginner Guide for Building a Fully Working Snow Leopard Hackintosh Along With Windows 7 (Part II – Installation)

Since we do get a lot questions on very specific questions about this topic, here are couple great video tutorials that I think will help you to solve and answer most of the frequent questions you have during your installation of a Hackintosh. It applies to both install natively and VM

What is Hackintosh exactly?

What is Kernel Panics and Why My Hackintosh doesn’t boot after the gray Apple logo

What are Bootloader Flags and How to Troubleshoot Hackintosh

What is MultiBest and How to use to patch my Hackintosh

All credit goes to StingRay and tonymac community.


  1. I did exactly as asked but the progress bar for installation is stuck at 6 mins. Nothing happens for an hour. Tried on vmware 7.

  2. After following the  examples and tutorial I am unable to install the OS .. Installation reaches 50% with  9 mins remaining and error out .. OS failed to install on this system.


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