Handy Start Menu for Windows 8


There are certainly no shortage of supplying the missing Start Menu in Windows 8. Aside from some of the great ones like Pokki Menu, StartMenu8, and 8StartButton, here is another one that looks just like what its name suggests, handy.

Brought to you by ChemTable Software, Handy Start Menu is a free system utility designed specifically for Windows 8 to bring back the missing Start Menu, aiming to make Windows 8 a much friendly operating system.

Handy Start Menu start menu - Handy Start Menu for Windows 8

It’s easy to install and use. It even brings back the traditional start orb, the same one we see on our Windows 7 computers. The applications listed in Handy Start Menu are sorted automatically by categories based on its built-in application type database. Anything that are unclear will be put in Without Category so you can sort them out later on.

Clicking Handy Start Menu management brings up the program’s Setting window in which you can re-organize the application category to make them more useful to your own definition. You can add or delete categories, and move items in to or out of them. It’s quite handy this way because it provides a flexible way to organize your own Start Menu.

Handy Start Menu Settings - Handy Start Menu for Windows 8

The other thing I also found quite handy is that I can change the Scale number in Menu Look from Settings window to make the items in Start Menu look bigger or smaller. So you don’t have to change the whole font size of your desktop in order to make the size of your Start Menu items to look bigger.

Handy Start Menu Scale Menu Look - Handy Start Menu for Windows 8

Overall, Handy Start Menu is a small and useful 3rd party Start Menu replacement alternative to many others. The function it provides may not be as many as other similar tools but its flexibility makes it quite unique in some way that some of you may like it more than others.

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