Happy Halloween Themes for Windows 7 and Windows 8


Knock,knock…Trick & Treat…Happy Halloween…Thank You…

It’s the time again for the scary spooky things coming out and laying all over the place, including your computer desktop.

And here are 3 themes from Microsoft to quickly dress up your desktop to be prepared. They all work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers.

Creepy Cobwebs theme

The newest release that presents silky webs strewn over eerie statues, branches, and dark doorways to set a spooky mood on your desktop with the creepy, crawly, spidery images in this free cobwebs theme for Windows.

There are 8 spooky spider web images included in this theme.

Creepy Cobwebs theme

Download Creepy Cobwebs theme here.

Trick or Treat theme

Dress up your desktop for Halloween with the cheerfully glowing jack-o’-lanterns and sweet candy treats in this free Windows theme.

There are 5 Jack-o-Lanterns images included in this theme for you to decorate your desktop.

Trick or Treat theme

Download the Trick or Treat theme here.

Ticket to Fear theme

Open the creaking door to a virtual haunted house with this free Windows theme. These ghastly ghouls are guaranteed to send a Halloween shiver up your spine, so don’t blame us if you scream!

There are 8 creepy images included in this theme to scary the hell out of anyone who’s looking at your desktop.

Ticket to Fear theme

Download the Ticket to Fear theme here.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful Halloween!



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