Having Problem Opening the Start Menu or Cortana in Windows 10? Try this Troubleshooter


Microsoft released a tool that helps you to identify and fix many Start Menu problems on devices running on Windows 10. If you are having a problem opening Start Menu or Cortana in Windows 10, here are the steps you should take.

First, check and install all pending updates to make sure your system runs with no pending patches left behind. Go to Settings → Update & security → Windows Update → Check for updates, and install any available updates.

Then, restart your computer, even if you don’t have any updates that require one. Just like the old days, restarting computer is still one of the most effective ways to fix most of the bizarre computer problems.

If still no luck, it’s time to try the Start Menu Troubleshooter. Click here (direct download link) to download and run it directly.

Start Menu Troubleshooter

Click Next and the troubleshooter will attempt to detect and automatically repair any found issues. You can turn on the option “Apply repairs automatically” under Advanced if needed.

If the troubleshooter didn’t identify any problems you are having, you can simply close the troubleshooter and then seek for other options.

Start Menu - Troubleshooter Result

You can also view the report by going into View detailed information to find out what issues have been checked.

Start Menu Troubleshooter - report

Basically, the troubleshooter scans for the following Start Menu issues:

  • Whether any applications are incorrectly installed.
  • For registry key permission issues.
  • For tile database corruption issues.
  • For application manifest corruption issues.

If you’ve come to this far but still have the issues relating to Start Menu, it’s time to Reset your PC, which happens to be your last resort.


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