Hidden Windows 7 Theme by Region


Windows 7 has added more default themes than in Vista. It also added the long waited Desktop Background Slide Show (Although it was there in Windows Vista Ultimate, most users don’t have the feature). In the 2 public release of Windows 7 test version, beta and RC, Microsoft has yet improved and added additional themes in the RC, but do you know there are hidden themes in Windows 7 that are not shown in Personalization!

There are 5 additional hidden theme by Region, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United States and South Africa. You can enable this with the following Steps:

  • Go to folder options, there are 2 ways to do this, (Press Alt inside Windows Explorer you will see the hidden Tools > Folder options OR Click Organize > Folder and search options) Either way it will lead you to the same dialog

folderoptions - Hidden Windows 7 Theme by Region folderandsearchoptions - Hidden Windows 7 Theme by Region

  • Go to view > Show Hidden files, folders and drivers then Click Apply

showhiddenfiles - Hidden Windows 7 Theme by Region

  • Now navigate to the following folder (C:Windows\Globalization\MCT\ )

hiddenWindows7themelocation - Hidden Windows 7 Theme by Region

  • The 5 folder are the 5 different hidden Region theme. Lets go to Canada for example.

CAthemeWindows7 - Hidden Windows 7 Theme by Region

  • Click the theme CA icon will enable your theme to Shift to Canada

canadathemeWindows7 - Hidden Windows 7 Theme by Region

So by doing this you can view and add more theme to your Windows 7 without downloading or making any addition changes. Lastly remember to turn off the show hidden file for your safety protection.


  1. the interface of Windows 7 is great but in my opinion Windows XP is still a very solid and stable operating system. Right now, I would never give up XP for Windows 7.

    • Well, buddy,sometime we just need to move on. Relying on an almost 10-year-old operation system may not be a smart move. The more modern technology you use, the greater chance you have to increase your productivity, and the more enjoyable time you get by just sitting in front of it.


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