Hide Unwanted Updates in Windows 7 [Tips]


532 Every once a while there is Windows update prompt out and will either ask you to install the updates or it will do a scheduled install, all depending on what kind setting you have in your Windows Update.

If you go to the Windows Update Panel you will often see a list of updates categorized in either Important or Optional. While is always a good idea to install all the important updates, some of the optional update can be irreverent to you. Especially all those language packs that are out there.

Well guess what if you don’t like them showing up you can hide those unwanted updates.


To do this just right click the ones you want to hide or you can shift and right click to select more than one entry to hide.

When you done it will show up in grey. Once you close this and restart windows update you will see the number of optional updates has decreased.


But hey where did it go ?

If you’ve ever made a mistake you can always restore the hidden updates by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update > Restore hidden updates


There you go, you can hide those useless language updates 🙂



  1. what if there is no “hide update” option when one right clicks? The only options I am offered are “view details” and “copy details”. This is for an irritating failed auto-install of Windows Live Essentials (movie-making app) which I have no need for–yet it has been bugging me for weeks repeatedly to install it, with no apparent way to indicate i don’t want it.


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