Host Simple Website for Free on Dropbox with Site44


Site44 is a web service that provides an easy and fast way to publish static HTML files to the web by linking the contents of a special folder in your Dropbox account to its optimized hosting platform. One of the obvious advantages of using Site44 is the integration with Dropbox. Your Dropbox is your hosting platform. And because of this, editing website contents has never become that easy. Changes to the files on Dropbox automatically appears on your website within seconds. No more FTP headaches, and no more publishing hassles.

How it works

4 easy steps like Site44 describing itself on its website.

Site44 how it works thumb - Host Simple Website for Free on Dropbox with Site44

Site44 supports both custom own domains and subdomains. You can host your websites under your own domain, if you had one already. But if you don’t, that’s ok, you can still host it under subdomain on Either way is fairly easy to follow and set up.

What’s the cost

Site44 offers a free account called Starter that hosts up to 5 websites with data transfer limited at 100MB per month. If you have more websites or traffic over the 100MB limit, you can upgrade to its Personal or Professional account that costs $4.95 or $9.95 per month. But to be honest, if you have more websites that attract traffics more than the free account limit, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to its paid service. It’s time to find a real web hosting service.


Site44 doesn’t provide any sort of server-side hosting such as PHP or All it takes are static HTML pages, with the support of JavaScript and CSS.

Site44 downloads all of your published files and caches them on its server so that it can serve them better and faster. Files are sync’d with your original files on Dropbox, and will be permanently deleted once the site is deleted.

Check it out in live

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