How Internet Explorer 11 Stores and Manages Saved Passwords


Remembering passwords in Internet Explorer has been around for a long time but never seems to be as good as how Chrome or Firefox manage my passwords. It does help me to sign in to the sites easier and quicker with saved passwords but is far from a better place where I can not only store, manage my passwords, but also securely sync them across all devices I use as well.

Well, IE 11 makes things a lot easier for us in terms of managing our day-to-day password challenges. According to IE Blog, there are number of improvements made in IE 11 that make signing into sites faster and more reliable as well as give users more control when saving credentials.

  • Better and reliable login form detection – claims that IE will now prompt to remember passwords on over 90% of login forms on the web.
  • Better user control – meaning that now users have the ability to decide for themselves if it’s safe to save a password on a given device and situation.
  • Faster sign-in – an automatically pre-populated my credentials does help.

Most importantly, if you are using IE 11 on a Windows 8 device, the credentials saved on one device will be synchronized automatically securely across all devices you use. This significantly speeds up your sign in experience across apps and devices.

So now, let’s get down to the question, how does IE 11 manage my passwords?, and where are they all stored?

IE11 on Windows 8.1 stores credentials in the Windows Credential Locker, a technology provided by Microsoft that securely store your credentials and roam them safely with your own Microsoft Account. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? It’s a technology mostly for App Developers to make their app safely connect to user account information.

What we are more interested is how we actually manage them.

If you are on a tablet such as Microsoft Surface, with IE 11 on Windows 8.1, you can now also manage your Web accounts directly from the modern Internet Options. To do this from the modern IE, swipe from the right to open the Charm and tap Settings. From there, you can open your accounts and manage your credentials without switching to the desktop.

IE Modern Option for Manage Password - How Internet Explorer 11 Stores and Manages Saved Passwords

If you are on desktop, you can still use Credential Manager in Control Panel to manage these saved passwords. Open Control Panel, navigate to User Accounts, and open Credential Manager from there.

Credential Manager 2014 07 16 15 11 19 600x339 - How Internet Explorer 11 Stores and Manages Saved Passwords

If you are still on Windows 7, however, you can still manage saved passwords through Credential Manager but you won’t be able to sync them across multiple devices you use.


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