How To Activate Any Window Under Mouse Cursor without Clicking It


In Windows, if you want to activate a window covered by another window you need to move your mouse cursor over to that window and click on it. It’s annoying, wasting a lot of clicks if you switch applications quite often.

WizMouse is a little free tool made just to solve this. It makes a smart use of mouse’s scroll wheel to scroll windows under the mouse without having to click first. For example, I have 2 overlapped applications on your screen. With WizMouse installed and running, I can move the mouse cursor over to any of these 2 windows and start scrolling up/down the page without clicking on them to make them forefront first. See demo below:

WizMouse - demo 1

It actually works even better in a dual-monitor setup. It makes switching applications a lot more efficient and easy. It also has an option called “Bring scrolling windows to foreground” that not only makes the scroll automatic but also switches the active window back and force without mouse click.

2015-04-22 22_40_47-WizMouse Configuration

If you have applications that doesn’t support the middle mouse scroll wheel, you can enable the option “Enable mouse wheel for application without mouse wheel support“.

WizMouse is completely free but if you really like the application you are more than welcome to make some donation to keep the development going. It works on all Windows platforms from XP to Windows 8.1 with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. It also comes with a portable version for those who don’t like installation process.


WizMouse is a little utility that does one thing I have wished Windows should have done for very long time. It works well on my Windows 8.1 machine. Since it’s going to help me work more efficiently between many applications it has made its way to become one of my must-run tools on any machine I am using.



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