How To Add Folder to Appear on Start Menu in Windows 10


By default, only File Explorer and Settings appears on Start Menu in Windows, right above the Power option, like below:

Windows 10 Start Menu

To add other frequently used folders such as Documents, Pictures, Videos, or Downloads, open Settings app, go to Personalization, and Start menu section. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Choose which folders appear on Start” link.

Windows 10 - Settings - Personalization - Start - choose which folder

Then switch on the folders that you want them to show up on Start Menu. Let’s say I switched on 3 more options, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures.

Windows 10 - Settings - Personalization - Start - choose which folder - selected folder

Here is what it looks like after these folders are added.

Windows 10 Start Menu with extra folders

Noticed the side effect having more folders shown up on Start Menu? Yes, because of the limited space there, having more folders on Start Menu actually takes over the space used by both Most Used items and Recently added items. If you don’t use these 2 sections, then great. But if you do, you may want to extend the start menu a bit taller to accommodate all these items.

Alternatively, you can turn on option “Show recently opened items in Jump List on Start or the taskbar” to save the space for Most used items and Recently added items but still have quick access to these folders through File Explorer’s Jump List in Start.

Windows 10 - Start Menu - File Explorer Jump List



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